The Certosa di Pontignano

An online board is available, where participants can share travel plans and also carpool or taxipool. The participants will be arriving and departing the same day and traveling together with fellow data scientists is fun and makes your travel less expensive. Details will be provided to registered participants.

Most participants find it convenient flying into Pisa or Florence.

  • From Pisa Airport: Regular trains travel hourly from inside Pisa International Airport -where many low-cost airlines land- to the Siena railway station with a change in Empoli. Travel takes approximately 100 minutes.
  • From Florence Airport: A convenient Shuttle Bus covers the short distance to the Firenze Central (Santa Maria Novella) railway station, where trains to Siena travel daily on a hourly basis and travel time is approximately 80 minutes. Taxi vans are also available in Florence and sharing a van with other participants might be the easiest way to reach the Certosa di Pontignano: you may use the ACAIN online board to connect with participants arriving at the same time (available to registered participants only) and share a van.

Alternatively, buses to Siena are also available from Florence.

Direction from Siena to Certosa di Pontignano (it costs more or less 20 euro for a taxi).

By Automobile: Siena is located about 60 km (37,3 mi) south of Florence, about 120 km (74,5 mi) from Pisa and about 230 km (142,9 mi) from Rome. The Certosa di Pontignano is approximately 8 km (5 mi) from the walls of the old city of Siena.

Please note that the above information is provided as a general guidance only. All shuttle, bus and taxi services indicated here are independent services and are not affiliated with the ICAS: this reference is provided as a courtesy. For other specific travel requests please refer to your travel agent or travel app/web sites.