Best Paper & Presentation Awards

Best Paper & Presentation Awards
ACAIN 2022 Best Paper & Presentation Awards

  • “Brain-like combination of feedforward and recurrent network components achieves prototype extraction and robust pattern recognition”
    Naresh Balaji Ravichandran, Anders Lansner and Pawel Herman
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • “Topology-based Comparison of Neural Population Responses via Persistent Homology and p-Wasserstein Distance”
    Liu Zhang1, Fei Han2 and Kelin Xia3
    1 Princeton University, USA
    2 National University of Singapore, Singapore
    3 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Past Award

  • ACAIN 2021:
    • “Effect of Geometric Complexity on Intuitive Model Selection”
      Eugenio Piasini, Vijay Balasubramanian and Joshua Gold
      University of Pennsylvania, USA
    • “Credit Assignment in Neural Networks through Deep Feedback Control”
      Alexander Meulemans, Matilde Tristany Farinha, Javier Garcia Ordonez, Pau Vilimelis Aceituno, Joao Sacramento and Benjamin Grewe
      ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    • “Reinforcement Learning in Air Traffic Control”
      Lingyi Yang, Samuel Cohen and Jaroslav Fowkes
      University of Oxford, UK